Series A round: Human worker theme park

:: technology

I am seeking funding for a new venture: A theme park featuring “human workers”.

The theme park will be similar to Old Sturbridge Village or Plimoth Plantation, but focusing on the last half of the 20th century.

Visitors will be able to see humans performing a variety of quaint tasks, such as:

Upon admission, visitors receive a small stack of paper known as “money” or “currency”. They give this to the cast members, as a way to participate in the illusion that the activities have a financial value. (Historically, this paper would be exchanged among humans for various kinds of goods and services, in what was known as “the economy”.)

This theme park gives visitors a way to experience the quaint period where most humans did work for money and were categorized as “middle-class”.

Guest services will include typical amenities such as battery-changing stations.

Please look forward to my Series A round proposal in the coming months. I will try to post something to AngelList, too.

Thank you.

Inspiration: Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs, which I found via Chris Nahr’s Google+ post.