Hacker School day 15

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I spent most of late Thursday and Friday working on open source projects that pre-date Hacker School.

Of the three bugs, two turned out to be one-line fixes — even though they took some time to figure out and to do “paperwork” like bug trackers and regression tests. On the one hand, such bugs feel like a low signal:noise ratio. On the other hand, they’re satisfying because they make you feel like the overall design/assumptions were good.

Also I did some work implementing Racket variants of some Clojure map-related functions like get, get-in, assoc-in, update-in, partition, take,1 and juxt. More trivially, alias things like every?, some, assoc, and dissoc to their Racket equivalents. Although I haven’t yet pushed these to #lang rackjure I may do so over the weekend.

That was day 15 of about 60. On the one hand, it feels like a very long 3 weeks (in a good way). On the other hand, I can’t believe I’m already 25% through.

Time perceptions, how do they work?2

  1. Unlike Racket’s, this doesn’t raise an exception when there are fewer than N elements left, it just returns them. Which IMHO is more useful; in the past I’d written a take<=

  2. Also: Magnets.