Lull while I prepare to change tires

:: software, Racket, blog, Frog

I’d been trying to stick to a roughly Tuesday and Thursday schedule for posting here.

I haven’t this week because I’ve been trying to work up a replacement for using Blogger.

Basically, I want to write posts in simple Markdown, and generate the blog statically. To be hosted on GitHub or S3 or whatever. And I want it to use Bootstrap so I don’t have to reinvent that wheel.

I realize a bunch of tools purport to do this. The ones I’ve looked at so far, such as Octopress, require installing a bunch of Ruby hoo-hah. I’m a a Racket guy. And I recently wrote a Markdown parser in Racket (with something else in mind, not this project).

As a result, I’ve been spending the last couple days working on the static site generator.

My working name for it is Frog. As in frozen bl og.

The gist of it has some together pretty quickly in Racket, which is a joy to use.

The bulk of the work remaining is:

  1. Migrate old posts over. That should be pretty easy.

  2. Decide how much I care about URI compatibility and SEO “link juice”. Specifically, is it OK if changes to Or do I want them exacto same? Obviously the latter will be harder and require something to do 301 redirects due to the subdomain change. Maybe I’ll decide I don’t care enough, given how new this blog is and the “link equity” is probably not so great. We’ll see.