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Frog overview

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UPDATE: This was an early post. For up-to-date info, see Frog.

When the code settles down a bit I’ll put it in a GitHub repo, and write a full Meanwhile, here’s an overview.

Live with Frog

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OK, I have my site generated using Frog and pushed it to GitHub Pages for

I want to tweak the CSS. It’s vanilla Bootstrap. Most importantly, I wish the headings were a few points smaller and the body text a few points bigger.

The other remaining item is to do the 301 redirect from Blogger to here. It turns out that this should be ridiculously easy to do with Amazon S3. You can make a bucket that does nothing but perform 301 redirects. I’ve created such a bucket already, and the redirects work fine. I simply need to update my DNS, for which I’m using Amazon Route 53.

Lull while I prepare to change tires

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I’d been trying to stick to a roughly Tuesday and Thursday schedule for posting here.

I haven’t this week because I’ve been trying to work up a replacement for using Blogger.

Basically, I want to write posts in simple Markdown, and generate the blog statically. To be hosted on GitHub or S3 or whatever. And I want it to use Bootstrap so I don’t have to reinvent that wheel.


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In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not exactly posting here, much.

This is not a firehose of information.

This is not a bountiful font of wisdom from which you can aspire merely to glean a glimmering glimpse of insight.

This is not a haystack containing needles such as the secrets to wealth, popularity, and whiter teeth.

This blog will not cause Comcast to send you a warning that you are about to exceed your 250 GB of unlimited data.

Why? Simply because (a) I don’t have that much to say, and (b) what I do have to say, I’m saying on Google+. That is my de facto “blog”, for now.

See you there.