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Recently I wrote about my my Google Reader successor, using rss2email to push feeds to Gmail.

In the month since, I was still running it on my laptop. To make it work best, it should run on a dedicated server. That way, it would push emails even if I’m away from my laptop, and I could read them on e.g. my phone. But before committing to setting this up on Amazon EC2, I wanted to be sure I liked the approach.

My Google Reader successor

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Just a brief update about what I’ve settled on as my replacement for Google Reader. I’m using Rss2Email, following the instructions in Turning Gmail into Google Reader.

I tried Feedly, NewsBlur, and Reeder. Each of them wasn’t bad, but each felt “heavy” compared to Google Reader. So W. Caleb McDaniel’s post really clicked with me.

Feed stats in Frog (without FeedBurner)

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In light of Google shutting down Google Reader and removing feed-following UI in Chrome, it probably can’t be long until they shut down FeedBurner, too.

Although I’m using Google Analytics for this blog, I’m not using FeedBurner. But imagining what feed readership stats I might want, I came up with a short list, and thought about how to get them without FeedBurner.

Killing Google Reader

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Last night I learned the news that Google is killing Google Reader July 1.

This morning I’m feeling like this.