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The Big Switcheroo

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In my previous post I talked about how Racket Mode now will often want the back end command server, before actually needing a live REPL — but it has to start a REPL anyway. This was bothering me. So I went on to address that. Doing so entailed reversing the I/O model for the back end. As a bonus, that set up fairly short strokes to supporting multiple REPLs.

Using check-syntax in Racket Mode

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During most of January and into February, I’ve been working full-time to have Racket Mode make better use of drracket/check-syntax analysis of fully-expanded code. I’m pretty excited by it.

Future of Racket

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For most of the last decade I’ve made things in Racket — including making tools and tutorials to support other people making things in Racket.

At RacketCon 2019, Aaron Turon gave the keynote about the Rust community.

That afternoon, I had a talk about Racket Mode for Emacs.

The next morning?

Supporting multi-in

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In racket-mode I improved support for the multi-in form provided by racket/require.

Exploding Frog

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I’m writing and publishing this post using something other than Frog.

Having said that, I’m not planning to abandon maintaining Frog.

Thread names

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Sometimes people want Racket threads to have useful names — for example to show in logger output. Here is one way to do it.


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Even though it’s been one of my most time-consuming projects, I’ve hardly blogged about racket-mode — an Emacs major mode for Racket. To change that, here’s a post giving an overview of how racket-mode works, as well as a look at how it might grow someday.

Extramaze LLC: Using system fonts (not Google fonts)

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In my previous post I discussed what I’m doing with — and what I’m intentionally not doing. Since then, I’m not-doing more. This improves performance and simplifies the content security policy.

Extramaze LLC: Using Racket, PostgreSQL, AWS (but no ads or JS)

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For Extramaze LLC I’m using Racket in a commercial project — a search engine with email alerts for deals on music gear —

This blog post is a sort of whirlwind tour of the use case and business model, as well as how I use things like Racket, PostgreSQL, and AWS — but don’t use advertising or JavaScript.

Racket Makefiles

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A few years ago I wrote about makefiles for Racket. Some things have changed.

  1. The old makefile built and pushed documentation to a GitHub Pages branch of the repo. That’s no longer necessary: The Racket package catalog builds and hosts documentation.

  2. The Racket package catalog puts a yellow badge of shame on packages with missing dependencies (deps and build-deps in the package’s info.rkt). I want the makefile to check this.

  3. In .travis.yml files for Travis CI, I think the script section ought to simply invoke targets in the makefile — delegating details to the latter.

  4. Likewise some details needn’t even be in the makefile — they can move to the collection’s info.rkt. Example: The list of directories to clean.

  5. The old makefile had separate PACKAGENAME and COLLECTS variables; for single-collection packages they were the same value. I wanted to simplify this to just the package name and use the appropriate package variants of raco commands.

In that spirit, here’s an updated Makefile, which I recently started using in the rackjure, markdown, and frog projects.

Please scroll

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Keyword structs, revisited

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GitHub dropped Pygments

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Racket workflow

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Why macros?

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Written in Racket

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Destructuring lists with match

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Does your Racket project need a makefile?

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`__FILE__` and `__LINE__` in Racket

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Fallback when required function not available

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Racket cookbook

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Using syntax/loc and unit test macros

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Using syntax/loc

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Racket package management

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Markdown parser redesign

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Using call/input-url

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Skim or sink

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Using Travis CI for Racket projects

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A case with fall-through

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Chromebook Pixel

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The ~> Threading Macro

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A guide for infrequent contributors to Racket

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Planet vs. the new package system

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Parameters in Racket

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Serve static files

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Keyword structs

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Frog overview

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Live with Frog

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Lull while I prepare to change tires

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Fear of Macros

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